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Features of FFOCX

Basic Features

  • All-in-one solution for audio/video encoding and playing.
  • Perfect wrapper of FFmpeg libraries, easy to use, flexible and powerful.
  • Input frames editable such as text and/or image overlay.
  • Join multiple input files in variable formats to a single output file.
  • Support DirectShow Capture.
View FFOCX Architecture
View Architecture of FFOCX - ActiveX FFmpeg OCX Controls (Video Converter and Video Player)
  • Support GDI(Screen/Wave) Capture.
  • Support WebCam Capture.
  • Support Video Filters, such as flip, negate, scale, rate, etc.
  • Support previewing while converting.
  • Support multiple instances of Player.
  • Converting multiple files in batchs built in.
  • Task thread priority is configurable.
  • Pause, Resume and Stop operations are available.
  • Log messages event by FFLogger component.
  • Conversion progress event.

Video Hook

  • OnVideoHook event is a very easy and powerful way to edit all input frames acting as internal Video Hook, such as text and/or image overlay, reverse frame picture, and various effects what you can process on Bitmap.

Audio Hook

  • OnAudioHook event is a very easy way to edit all input audio samples acting as internal Audio Hook.


  • FFEncoder provides audio/video formats transcoding: intput -> decoding(decompression) -> encoding(compression) -> output.
  • FFEncoder is powerful and a little complex, please refer to the encoder document.


  • FFPlayer plays audio and video files.
  • FFPlayer is easy to use and still not powerful enough, please refer to the demo application.


  • Obtaining detail information of the input file.
  • Previewing any frame picture of the special video stream by seeking timestamp with Bitmap result.


  • FFLogger catchs the log generated by (Add-ons, FFEncoder, FFPlayer, FFDecoder and DLLs).
  • FFLogger is an assistant component, it will be automatically created as an global instance when necessary, and only one instance is allowed.


  • MemoryAccessAdapter provides memory access for intput and output (open, read/write, seek, close).
  • GDICapture provides screen capturing for video input and wave recording for audio input.
  • VFWCapture provides vfw device capturing for video input.
  • DShowCapture (built in ffmpeg libraries) provides webcam capturing for video input and wave recording for audio input.